About us

Idyllic villas is the initiative of Hans and Lana Beeftink who live in the Netherlands to invest in idyllic places.

They decided to buy real estate in Thailand as a privately owned company under Thai’s law.

All our villas are of high quality and have an idyllic situation. But in today’s world what is idyllic?

Think of it: white beaches, wonderful atmosphere, very friendly people, not too many tourists and a great price-quality proportion!

All villa’s are individually owned. The owners visit their villa regularly and attend to its quality improvement.

You are booking, not with a rental agency, but with the real owners of Idyllic Samui Resort & Villas, who care for you and your needs and, of course, the quality of the villas and your holiday experience. And the friendly staff in the resort will help you making your stay an unforgettable memory.

We love to hear from you, all your feedback will help us to improve our services further.

If you want to you can either send us an email, call us or leave a message in our guestbook.

Idyllic Samui’s Resort & Villas

aboutusHans and Lana Beeftink,

owners of Idyllic Samui resort