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The 5 exclusive services of Idyllic Samui Resort

Make your stay at Idyllic Samui Resort even more idyllic with these 5 exclusive services.

Idyllic Samui Butler.

Making your stay in your Villa even more enjoyable with your own Butler. Our Butler is present in your villa for 9 hours a day (- 1 hour break). The butler cleans up your villa and takes care of the preparations for the meals. You can book a regular butler 6 days a week. During the "day off" of your butler we can, if desired, provide a substitute butler.

The butler speaks English and if necessary our staff can translate for you.

Idyllic Samui Nanny.

An evening of romantic dining without children? Preparing food / milk bottle and feeding the children while enjoying the sun? Then make use of our Nanny Service. This allows you to fully enjoy your stay at Idyllic Samui Resort.

Our Nanny service is available from 8am to 6pm and any different hours or overtime can be discussed.

Idyllic Samui can Nanny's speak Thai and English. If another language is desired this should be indicated at the time of booking.

Idyllic Samui BBQ

The Idyllic BBQ chef can provide a delicious bbq at your villa. You can compose the BBQ yourself. Our BBQ chef makes sure that the dishes are prepared in the right way on the BBQ. The BBQ will be heated with charcoal.

If you wish you can book a guest service at your pool villa. Your guests will be welcomed and can enjoy the dishes that the BBQ chef prepared.

Our chef will take care of an unforgettable memory of your stay at our villa resort.

Would you like to barbecue yourself? Of course this is also possible. You can also use our BBQ service without the presence of our chef.

Prepair BBQ for guest in one of our idyllic villas

Preparing Idyllic Samui BBQ service

Idyllic Samui special occasion service

A birthday or special occasion? we can make it even more idyllic with the special occasions service. This will make your birthday, wedding day or other special occasion even more special and a special memory of your stay at Idyllic Samui Resort.

Idyllic resort can provide prosecco, cakes, flowers among others to dress up the special occasion. You can always contact our information service at the resort with your wishes.

Idyllic Samui Sport

If there is a need for sports during your stay at Idyllic Samui Resort you can use one of our sports instructors. They can accompany your with sports at your villa. Idyllic Samui can help you with fitness, yoga or muy thai instructors. They will guide or give you lessons at your villa or when you wish at our private beach.

If you have any questions about these sports possibilities on our resort you can contact one of our staff members for more information.


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