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5 things to do within walking distance of Idyllic Samui Resort

If you fancy a walk with a final destination then this article is for you when you stay in one of our Villas.

#1 a day at the beach.

A wonderful day at the beach. Of course you can walk from your villa to our private beach but there is a public beach within walking distance of the resort. Thongson Beach, a friendly quiet beach with a restaurant. White beach with palm trees. Sunbeds can be rented for 100 bath. The reviews on this beach are varying so experiencing it yourself is best.

If you follow the route via google maps then the distance is a lot longer but a must is on the way back to take a delicious foot massage at one of the massage parlors which you encounter on the route.

Distance Idyllic samui resort - Thongson beach 2.7 km

#2 The golden Buddha

Surely the most visited sight on Koh Samui is the Golden Buddha. From Idyllic Samui the Golden Buddha can be reached by a long walk. Because of the temperature which rises quickly in the morning, we advise you to make this walk in the early morning. On the way you will pass many stores where you can buy extra water.

Distance Idyllic samui resort - Golden Buddha 3,5 km

#3 Wat Plai Leam

Wat Plai Laem is a Buddhist temple within walking distance of Idyllic Samui Resort, known for its white, 18-armed statue. Wat Plai Laem, close to the Temple of the Golden Buddha which can be combined well during the hike gives an insight into the Chinese-Thai faith.

Also this hike is best taken early in the morning. Bringing extra water is advised because of the heat or available in one of the many stores.

Distance Idyllic samui resort - Golden Buddha 3 km

#4 Restaurants within walking distance

Many restaurants are within walking distance of Idyllic Samui Resort. Mostly small local and not touristy places which you encounter during your walk and are not shown in google maps where mainly thai food is served. In addition, there are several restaurants which are shown on google maps, mostly of the famous resorts or in more touristy places. Of course we can organize a delicious BBQ at your private villa.

A nice walk at the end of the day. We advise you not to make this walk after dark because of the traffic.

ปูเป้อาหารตามสั่ง - 550 meter

Six Sense resort - dining on the hill -600 meter

Six Sense resort - drift at the beach - 650 meter

Ritz Carlton Resort - The Ranch at Shook - 2,7 km

Plai Leam - 2,2 km

Sea sun Samui - 3,2 km

#5 Massage

During a hike, enjoying a wonderful massage to recharge in order to continue the hike afterwards is already a motivation to go hiking.

Thailand is known for its massages and many massage parlors and spas. There are also massage parlors where the massage itself is not directly on the first place so please inquire about the parlor in advance. The reception of Idyllic Samui can recommend several salons in the area or you can look up the salon via google for the necessary information.

Of course getting a massage in your own villa after a long walk is wonderful. Then you do not have to leave and only enjoy the luxury that your private villa with private pool has to offer.

Ask at the reception about the possibilities

Important to know when hiking on koh samui.

With a lovely hike in the area of Idyllic Samui, you will experience Koh Samui in

a unique way. Discover hidden gems which makes your vacation so special. However, keep in mind the following points when you go for a hike.

- Make sure you have good footwear if you go hiking

- Make sure you take water with you

- Bring sunscreen

- Make the hike in the early morning or late afternoon due to the heat

- Make sure you have some money with you to buy water or catch a cab if necessary

- Make sure you don't make the hike when it is getting dark or is. Roads may be poor or not lit.

- Do not go off existing roads or trails. This is because of the animals that occur on the island such as poisonous snakes (cobras)


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