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Idyllic Samui prepares. Sonkrang is just around the corner

Thai's New Year (Sonkrang) April 13-15, 2022

Since 1940 Thailand ushers in the New Year on January 1 however Sonkrang is still celebrated in Thailand.

During Sonkrang also called "the festival of water" it is customary to throw each other wet.

Sonkrang | Thai new year | Idyllic samui

The weeks before Sonkrang, many people travel back to their families to celebrate Thai New Year. The Thai gather along the side of the road with buckets of water, water guns and garden hoses to wet passers-by, and preferably those who are still dry.

Young boys add white powder to the water, making the girls' faces pale. White skin is perceived as beautiful. In this way, the boys try to hit on the girls.

Early in the morning, monks can be seen cleaning Buddha statues.

Unfortunately, Sonkrang also has a downside. It is also called the 7 black days. This because of the many accidents that happen. More than 4000 accidents take place these days and mostly involve driving under the influence.

Idyllic Samui with water on the way

Sonkrang is of course also celebrated by the team of Idyllic Samui. The staff goes with a big barrel of water on the back of the pickup truck where they throw trays to wet bystanders.

On Facebook there are several pictures posted where you can see that everything is taken care of at the resort in preparation for the new year.


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