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5 advantages of a "private" beach

A clear blue sky, the sun is shining and it is warm then of course we all want to go to the beach. Especially if they are white beaches with palm trees and an azure blue sea.

But when you are applying sunscreen to enjoy that beach day where you just want to read that one book you haven't gotten around to yet, you are disturbed by the words "you want a massage?

Friendly you wave away the lady in question but before you have read the first letters in your book a group of young people start to show their tricks on the rented jet skis to each other so you can not understand the friendly lady who comes to ask if you want a drink.

The 5 advantages of a private beach on Koh Samui

Several resorts on Koh Samui have private beaches. These are beaches that only a few adjacent resorts have access to. Idyllic Samui also has a private beach. This one shares the beach with SixSence and The Bay Resort.

But what are the advantages of a private beach? we have listed a few for you.

#1 A private beach is a lot quieter.

Private beaches are only accessible to Resort guests. No mass tourism or crowded beach day but enjoy a day at the beach in peace. No locals who spend their day off on the beach or the crowds on the water of all water sports activities.

Do you want a quiet day on the beach than the private beach is a must.

#2 Within a few minutes with your feet in the white sand

The advantage of a private beach is that it can be reached from the resort within minutes. This is also the case at Idyllic Samui Resort. Here you are within minutes of your villa on the private beach. Here you can enjoy a whole day or spend the last hours of the day after the day's activities. Besides that you can walk from your villa to the beach in a few minutes, it also has an advantage the other way around. Sunscreen forgotten? you quickly walk back and forth without worrying that your bed is occupied by someone else.

In addition, no worries about a cab to the beach or having to cross busy roads to reach the beach from your resort.

#3 Vendors not allowed on private beaches

Because private beaches are only accessible to Resort guests you will not be disturbed by vendors on the beach. So every so often you will be disturbed if there is interest in a massage, excursions, bracelets or sunglasses will not be an issue on a private beach.

#4 Private beaches are a lot cleaner.

Unfortunately, many people still do not consider nature and environment important and the term Beach clean up has become a well-known phenomenon. Local projects such as little ocean heroes have also made their appearance in Thailand. Little Ocean Heroes collects plastic from Thai beaches, which is then used to make swimming trunks.

Because the resorts are responsible for their own beaches they are much cleaner and the guests seem to be more aware of the waste that is left behind.

The private beach of Idyllic Samui Resort is cleaned daily. Waste that is washed ashore (in bad weather) is immediately removed so that guests can always enjoy their day on a clean beach.

#5 Private stands are safer

Young people, with or without drink, tearing over the water on their jet skis and other motorized water sports can be seen everywhere. Whether you stay on the Spanish costas or on Koh Samui this is also part of your vacation. Unfortunately, every year the news reaches us that there has been a serious accident with swimmers and water sports enthusiasts. In Thailand it is clearly indicated where water sports enthusiasts are allowed and where they are not.

Because the private beach of Idyllic Samui is located in a bay far away from the public beaches, you will hardly encounter any motorized water sports. Therefore, accidents with this form of water sports are almost impossible.

Theft is also something that occurs much less on private beaches because these are only accessible to resort guests. Thailand has a low risk of becoming a victim of theft anyway, but the peace and quiet on a private beach gives you a better feeling of leaving your belongings on your sunbed than on a crowded public beach where you can't see your belongings after a dive in the blue water.


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