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Big Buddha Temple Koh Samui

Golden Buddha of 12 meters high

Wat Phra Yai - Big Buddha Temple Koh Samui

During your stay in our villas, a visit to this temple complex is more than worthwhile. In the early morning you can hear monks chanting their prayers and see locals making offerings. Around the temple you will find street food, souvenir and fresh fruit stalls offering their products.

During your visit to the Big Buddha

When visiting the Big Buddha Temple complex, wearing shoulder covering clothing, pants or longer shorts is advised. You should also remove your shoes when entering the complex.

Visiting the Big Buddha Temple from Idyllic Samui Villa Resort

On a clear day, you can see the Big Buddha from the Idyllic Samui Villa Resort.

From your villa, you can reach the Big Buddha by cab. (±5 Km )

TIPS For visiting The Big Buddha Temple

  • Provide shoulder covering clothing, pants or longer shorts

  • Visit the temple in the morning. The steps there can get hot in the afternoon sun

  • Take off your shoes if asked/mentioned

  • Do not visit the temple when it is raining, the steps can be very slippery

  • Follow instructions of monks

  • Have respect for religion


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