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Idyllic Bophut, Enjoy in peace in your own pool villa.

Whether you're staying in a multi-million dollar city like Bangkok or on the tourist island of Koh Samui every city, island or province has its tourist and yet-to-be-discovered spots. The same applies to Koh Samui. Party in the touristy Chaweng where Mac Donalds, Dunkin'Donuts, Discotheques and crowded beaches have made their appearance or quietly enjoy your pool villa in the authentic Bophut where you still can enjoy the delicious Thai food, a cocktail and the Thai hospitality in old fishing villages.

Pool Villa Bophut | Idyllic Samui Resort Bophut |

5 best things to do from your Pool Villa in Bophut

Bophut or Bo Put is located at the northeastern tip of Koh Samui and is one of the 7 sub-districts of Koh Samui. What is there to do and see in Bophut? 5 best things to do when you stay at our pool villas in Bophut

The golden buddha is a 12 meter tall golden statue which belongs to Wat Phra Yai temple. You can see this golden buddha from our pool resort in the bay.

The Golden Buddha is not only the best visited attraction in Bophut but the temple is the most visited attraction in all of Koh Samui.

When you want to go to the beach, Bophut offers several options.

  • Bohput Beach - Enjoy the sun and sea on one of the many beds that the resorts have placed on the beach. On this beach there are various water sports such as jet skiing and sub-boarding possible.

  • Idyllic Samui Private Beach - Like many Resorts, Idyllic Samui Pool Resort has a private beach. This beach is only accessible to the Resorts located on this beach in a bay. From your Pool Villa you are within minutes on the beach where sunbeds are waiting for you. Enjoying a wonderful Thai massage on the beach than this is possible. Ask at the reception for the possibilities.

  • Thongson Beach - A quiet beautiful beach but the water a bit murky. Good thai restaurants. Near Thongson Beach is the official nude beach of Koh Samui. Although nude recreation is not common in Thailand, it is possible in Bophut.

  • Plai Laem Beach - A small beach near the golden Buddha. It is a very quiet beach where the water remains shallow for a long time.

Fisherman's Village is the most touristic place in Bophut. You will find many restaurants and souvenir stores here. At several restaurants you can eat on the beach or enjoy a cocktail. Although there is more tourism here, Fisherman's Village is still an authentic fishing village where the busy bars and nightclubs are not yet present. The busier night market (on Monday) is an absolute must.

Thailand is known for their Massages and throughout Bophut you will find Massage parlors. Also several very highly regarded spas can be found in Bophut.

A Thai Massage while staying in your pool villa or on the beach is possible. This Massage is given by a qualified masseuse.

Idyllic Samui Pool resort in Bophut offers the following massages.

  • Thai massage

  • Oil massage

  • Neck + Back + Shoulders Massage

  • Foot Massage

  • Aloavera or Coconut oil Massage

  • Face Massage

  • Body scrub

  • Foot scrub

  • Anti cellulite Massage

Massage at  your Pool Villa Bophut  private beach Bophut | Idyllic Samui Resort Bophut |

Wat Plai Leam is a temple complex located near Idyllic Samui Resort. For the hiker, a hike from the resort is well worth doing. This is a 30 to 40 minute walk.

Wat Plai Leam is known for its 18 arm statue of the Goddess Guanyin. This temple is still in active use and is open during the day. Especially during Chinese festivities, this temple is crowded and there are many activities.

What else to do from your Pool Villa in Bophut

When you stay at Idyllic Samui Resort in your own pool villa and you want to know what else you can do in Bophut ask at the reception for more information. In your Pool Villa there is information for you regarding Koh Samui where various activities are described for the borough of Bophut.

Idyllic Samui Resort looks forward to welcoming you in Bophut to one of our beautiful villas with private pool.


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