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The 13 Best Activities on Koh Samui

Are you staying on Koh Samui and are you curious what you can do here? In this blog article you can read everything about 13 very popular activities that you can do on this beautiful tropical island. In the water, on the water, or right through the treetops with high speeds. On Koh Samui, everything is possible.

#1 Snorkeling & Diving on Koh Samui

Koh Samui is known for the great biodiversity that lies beneath the surface of the water. Beautiful coral reefs alternate with vast sandy plains. While snorkeling or diving you will discover species of animals that might not even live in your local zoo, including rare fish species, pink dolphins or small shark species. Of course you can snorkel from the beach itself, but you can also go on a snorkeling excursion, where the captain will bring you to the very best snorkeling places on or near Koh Samui.

If you want to learn to dive or you already have some years of experience, you can visit a large number of diving schools in the North of the island. They offer excursions and lessons that will fit to any kind of experience. Lessons are given by experienced instructors and often in English. Are you looking for a luxurious villa close to the best diving schools and snorkeling locations? Check out our beach resort villas with direct access to the beach. You can sometimes even have a diving lesson in your own private pool.

#2 Muay Thai

You might not be a fighter yourself, but Muay Thai is a great way to experience a big part of the Thai culture. It is a sport that is practiced for many years, by millions of Thais. Of course you don’t have to fight yourself. You can also attend a match when there is one. In Chaweng you can find several Thai box rings where competitions are held regularly. You can attend those competitions and then cheer with the locals for every good punch or kick at the opponent.

#3 Canopy Adventures

When you walk through the dense jungle of Koh Samui, you regularly look up to see what birds and other animals fly through the treetops. But there are also places on Koh Samui where you can fly through the treetops yourself and look down through the dense foliage of the jungle. This is done by Canopy Adventures, a company that has set out beautiful cable lines between the treetops. Do you dare to climb up and enjoy a worldly view that only a few people have ever seen?

#4 Go kart

It may not be the first activity you expect on a tropical island. Despite that, go karts are a perfect way to send some adrenaline through your body. The course is fun and challenging, so you can determine which person in your travel group has the best driving skills. There are a few places on the island where you can Go Kart. All of the places are in - or close to Chaweng.

#5 Sea kayaking

When you spend a day on the beach, you will have a great view over the clear blue sea surrounding the island. But those who really want to experience the beauty of Koh Samui must look at the island from the water. The best way to do that is during sea kayaking. You decide where you are paddling and the feeling of freedom makes this activity an incredible experience. Paddle quietly along the cliffs and tropical forests and see for yourself why people call Koh Samui a paradise on earth. The good news? Our resort has 3 kayaks that you can use for free!

#6 Cooking courses

Have you always wanted to learn new cooking skills? During a cooking workshop on Koh Samui you will learn how to prepare traditional Thai dishes. You get to know new ingredients, new preparation methods and above all: new flavors. Of course you will enjoy your own creations at the end of the workshop. After the workshop you’ll go home with a full belly and a skill set that you can show off to your friends once you’re back home.

There are different types of cooking workshops that you can do on Koh Samui. They mainly vary in length. Some workshops last 90 minutes, while some workshops can take days. In that way you can really get to grips with the intricacies of Thai cuisine. Want to cook something nice, but don’t feel like leaving the villa? You can also get a private cooking workshop in the kitchen in your own villa.

#7 Safari / jungle tour

A safari tour is the ideal way to discover the interior of Koh Samui. You drive up and down the hills in a four-wheel drive jeep, all while you’re treated with one of the worlds the best views. The tour often includes a visit to a rubber plantation, fruit farms and/or waterfalls. During the safari you will discover Koh Samui in a different way than just from the beautiful beaches. An experience that you will never forget.

#9 Fishing excursion

Have you ever caught your own fish? On the open sea, in Thailand? Your will probably not answer ‘yes’ to all those questions. All the more reason to do a fishing excursion on the island. Often you leave in the evening, first fishing for the bait. After you have caught the bait, the captain of the fishing boat will tell you exactly where and on which fish you will be fishing. Fortunately, you don't have to wait long before you get a bite, since there will be plenty of fish circling under your boat, eager to bite. Are the fish not biting? No big deal. It’s not like watching the sunset from a fishing boat in front of a tropical island isn’t nice already.

#8 Play golf at the Santiburi Country Club

Not long ago, Santiburi Country Club opened its doors. On this 18-hole golf course you can go for various packages. Are you going for 9 holes, or are you playing a whole day and you will try to complete all 18 holes with as few strokes as possible? The Santiburi Golf Resort is located on a beautiful spot on Koh Samui. That means you have to make an effort not to be distracted by the piece of paradise that you find yourself in all day.

#10 Fisherman’s Village

The Fisherman’s Village Bophut is an incredibly nice and cozy town, far away from the crowds in Chaweng. The village has many authentic wooden houses that were built by Chinese immigrants in the 19th century. The village is known for fishing, so of course you cannot skip a visit to a local fish restaurant. The local chefs will make specialties in ways that you have never tasted before.

#11 Boat excursions

Koh Samui is surrounded by an enormous ocean. But there are also several small islands and even entire nature parks in that ocean. A boat excursion from Koh Samui ensures that you can see them all, from the boat, but also from the water. During the boat trips, more than enough time is spent enjoying the view, of course while enjoying a nice drink and snack. Most boat tours leave from Chaweng. In the harbor you can see which boat tours would suit you best.

#12 Aquapark (Pink Elephant)

Are you staying on Koh Samui with your entire family? Then a visit to the Aquapark Pink Elephant is an ideal activity. In the park there are dozens of swimming pools, slides, places to relax and a jacuzzi. More than enough entertainment for the whole day, that’s for sure. As a parent, you might be as adventurous as your own kids. In that case there are more than enough slides that make the shivers run down your back.

As you can see, Koh Samui has plenty of activities to offer. And these are just the most popular ones that you can do on the island. It’s not difficult to imagine that you can build your own perfect holiday with this enormous amount of cool, exciting and relaxing activities.

#13 Paradise Park

Paradise Park on Koh Samui has a slogan; 101% stunning. We couldn’t agree more with that statement. Everything about this place makes it feel like paradise. The well maintained Ecopark lies on the highest mountain on Koh Samui (Pom Mountain) and therefore offers stunning views over the bay and lush forests. But that’s not all.

The park is home to a wide variety of animals, from beautiful peacocks to rabbits and cheeky monkeys that will climb on your shoulders to see if you brought a snack. Paradise Park is a place for adventures, but also for relaxing. Just make sure not to forget your swimwear. Because taking a dive in a pool on the highest mountain on Koh Samui is definitely something you want to cross off your bucket list!


Would you like to book a holiday on Koh Samui? Consider our luxurious villas and apartments in the North of Koh Samui. The location of Idyllic Samui Resort is perfect. Just outside the crowded life of Chaweng City, you will find here your own (nearly) private beach and private swimming pool. Yet, all the activities in the big city are just a small drive away with a (free) shuttle service. This makes our resort the ideal combination between relaxation and the vibrant city life.


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