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Elephant sanctuaries Koh Samui

Where previously tourists would ride on the back of an elephant through the jungle or through the streets of the villages, now the welfare of the animals is what is paramount. All over Thailand elephant sanctuaries have been established. Unlike before, where elephants chained to a steel chain could only move a few meters, elephants now live freely in a piece of nature. Elephants in sanctuaries have been taken from tourist attractions or from farmers who used to use the animals on the land.

Tourists can go to the Elephant Sanctuary.

Before the covid pandemic, the elephant sanctuaries were mainly supported by gifting and sponsorship. Volunteers went out every day to cut grass and get free food for the elephants. Because Thailand was on lockdown during covid, the income dropped significantly and new solutions had to be found

Tourists can now, for a fee, help the volunteers with the daily care of the Elephants.

You will be picked up at Idyllic Samui Resort around 8:30 am and depart towards the sanctuary.

Once there, after the introduction, you will get to work preparing treats for the elephants to then feed the elephants.

Then it's time to give the elephants a good mud rub and then scrub and hose them down in the bath. Bikini and swimming trunks are recommended.

Everything ends with a lunch.

more information can be found at

Unfortunately, there are still opportunities on Koh Samui to ride elephants. Do not do this. The elephants live in very poor conditions with very limited movement. Therefore, Idyllicsamui will not share these locations with their guests in order to fight against this mistreatment of elephants.


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