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Michelin Star street food

Are you a street food junkie.....?

street food at the highest level

In Thailand, you can buy delicious food anywhere along the road. Better known as street food.

As a fan of street food in Thailand you can enjoy tasty dishes or snacks on every corner. Often drinks or fruit shakes are sold as well.

5 x street food you must taste

  • Poh pai tod - fried spring rolls

  • Som tam - papaya salad

  • Pad Thai - Thai Curry

  • Mooo Ping - Sate of pork

  • Kluay tod - fried banana

Night market Fisherman village

From Idyllic Samui Villa Resort, Fisherman Village can be reached by cab. At the Night market you can find the tastiest street food in addition to souvenirs.

1 Michelin star

Known from the program street food on Netflix.

Staying Bangkok and a street food lover then visit Jay Fai.

Jay Fai stands out with her ski goggles and hat. Her street food dishes are some of the best in Thailand. Drunken Egg and Crab omelet are some of her dishes.

Jay Fai has one Michelin Star.

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