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6 Environmentally friendly ways to stay on Koh Samui this year

Do you want to do something back for the environment? Do you feel guilty for flying to a tropical island? No worries. There are a few ways in which you can compensate your flight ánd your guilt. Especially if you stay in Idyllic Samui Resort. Our mission is to make our guests enjoy the holiday as much as they can, while still taking care of the environment. Curious how we do it? Take a look yourself.

1. Use of natural materials

Why would we create materials that will never break down naturally? At Idyllic Samui Resort we always look at what we can make from natural materials. It could be bamboo, wood or natural stone. This way we try to keep our ecological footprint as small as we can, while we still offer our guests the luxury of a hotel.

3. Paying the staff more than minimum wage

Do you also feel guilty if you meet the (underpaid) staff on some tropical destinations? They work hard while you are there just enjoying your holiday and relax at the beach. We made sure you don’t have to worry about that at all. That’s because the staff at Idyllic Samui Resort gets paid very well compared to the minimum wage. This way we make sure that they feel appreciated and therefore want you to enjoy your holiday too. Als we may take care for education of children. So expect to see a lot of genuine smiling faces when you stay at our resort. Alas most staff work in the resort for many years already.

3. Help remove plastic from the ocean and the beach

If you think about a tropical island, you probably only imagine nice and white sandy beaches as far as the eye can see. And even though this is true most of the time, it does occasionally happen that there are pieces of plastic floating in the sea. Idyllic Samui Resort believes that this isn’t supposed to be like this. That is why we sometimes gather with our guests and collect all the trash we can find on the beach or in the water. That way we are able to take care of the environment, while we also keep the imagination of the bounty island beach intact.

4. Fruit trees

Do you know what a mango tree looks like? Or how bananas grow on a tree? Imagine sitting in your own private garden, relaxing after a dive in the pool. You might become hungry. In that case it’s very convenient that there are several mango and banana trees growing in our own tropical garden. We pick the fruit, so we don’t have to import everything from the mainland. It doesn’t get much fresher than this.

5. Using rice soap & bamboo straws

Throwing things away after you’ve used them just once isn’t really our way of doing things. That is why we don’t use plastic straws in our resort. We know that some cocktails require a straw, so this is why we only use bamboo straws. It doesn’t have a taste, but it feels a lot better than putting something plastic in your mouth. Also we use rice soap, that is being made in Changmai. This reduces the chemical waste drastically.

6. Catching the rain

Even though you might visit in the dry season, Koh Samui has some very wet months. And because it’s difficult to get drinking water on an island, our resort came up with an ecological solution. We bring the rainwater from gutters to our water tower and store the rain water in our natural well too, so it can be used later for showering and flushing the toilet. Of course we use filters to clean the water!


So there you have it. A list of 6 things that make your stay on Koh Samui extra environmentally sustainable. Next time when someone says that traveling is not eco-friendly, you can show them what you do for the environment, while still having an unforgettable experience on a beautiful tropical island.


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