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staff of idyllic samui resort excited about the new spirit house

photo of our old spirit house

Across Thailand people place gifts for spirit they believe will bless their home or fortune. The traditions has been around since ancient times but is still widely practiced today. To house the spirits miniature shrines are ejected. The guardian spirits living in the shrines are believed to look after the people living in the compound .

We have already 10 years a spirit house but because we are a beach resort wind, salt and rain has damaged the house so that it can collapse.

When that happens misfortune will come over us and it is possible that our staff will leave the resort.

So we decided to buy a new spirit house. It is 100% made of teak wood and comes from Chang Mai. A special monk was invited to look if the old place is still good. Rituals are performed to look at that. In our case the place is good but we have to create a small walk way for the spirits so that the can leave the house.

photo of our old spirit house

Also it took some time to decide the day the new house will be placed. Important were the days my wife and I were born, Not the dates but the days in this case a Monday and Friday.

23 January will be the day, The old house will be removed to the temple very short before the new house arrives also to make it easy for the spirits.

This culture is very important for my staff, my resort and for us. After we built de first spirit house we had very good business and we also have the feeling that the spirits brought us good fortune.

We will have two spirit houses the San Jao Thi, which resembles an old Thai house this will houses an old man and woman. A the san phra phum this will houses a variety of angels elephants offerings

Prayers are often directed by staff to the spirit house.

Place, height and color are not random chosen and are related with the birthday of the owner of the property. The old spirit house will go to a special graveyard.

Now after the awful Covid period we have the hope that the new spirit house will bring new luck and fortune.

We will keep you updated with the process


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